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Hard Wired

Mastiff’s have a warm and loving personality. Triton, in particular, has a very high play drive. He loves chew toys and tennis balls in particular. One surprise was how he is wired to be protective. When he hears or smells something he is not happy about, that growl is deep and intimidating. Even though he is just a pup. It is hard to believe they are “hard wired” and demonstrate these traits at such a young age. This is definitely not learned behavior. It doesn’t happen that often, but, when it does it gets your attention.

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Aren’t Mastiff Pups the Best

He Graduated

He Graduated

This is my mastiff Triton. he recently graduated from his puppy training. He is six months old and it is amazing the personality these dogs have. I intend to use this blog to talk about my experience owning and raising a mastiff. I hope others are willing to share their experiences as well. They are remarkable animals and enhance our lives.

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