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A Busy Day

Yesterday Triton had a busy day. I took him for a walk around the neighborhood. Then when we got home, a boy was next door and had a big beach ball he was rolling up and down the fence line. Triton ran along the fence with him for a good half hour. He really loved it. Eventually, he go so tired he layed down in the yard and took a nap. Last night my neighbor and I sat at the fire pit, he brought his shepard Max over and the two played for an hour. Max went home and Triton took another nap. All in all, it was a good dayfor him. It was alot of fun just watching him run up and down the fence. When you see a 110lb dog acting like a small puppy, that’s entertainment!

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Back in the Swing of Things

Well, Triton is back to his normal routine.  His ear is healing nicely.  Most important, his attitude is back to normal.  He is back to being his normal hyper self.  It’s great to see he is not phased by the whole experience.  His last trip to the vet included alot of play time with just about everyone in the office.

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A Tough Day

Triton had a tough day this week. On a walk through the neighborhood, a dog got off leash and attacked him. He bit into his right ear and he had to go to the vet for stitches. Suprisingly, his experience has not made him timid around other dogs. He is still just as social as before the event. The owners feel horrible and are taking appropriate steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Triton’s resilience is just an example of how the Mastiff is a noble pet.

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A Mastiff Kiss

This past weekend I took Triton up to Petmsmart to pick up another large bag of dog food. This boy can eat!! His trainer and I were talking and Triton was in a sit, a little girl was standing behind him with her parents. The trainer noticed the little girl was a little shy. She suggested that she pet him, and not to be afraid, he would most likely just kiss her. She slowly walked up and pet his back. He swung his big head around and layed a big lick on the girl’s face. It was almost on cue! the little girl laughed and went back to her parents. He is definitely a lover of little kids. It’s good to see he can help a small girl start to overcome her fear of big dogs.

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Play Time

There is nothing better then seing a young mastiff at play. Yesterday I took Triton next door to play with Max, a mature German Shepard. He is a regular playmate. The typical chasing and wrestling took place. Then Triton just started rolling around, running in circles. He was clearly having a great time. Seeing a 100lb dog act like a 10lb puppy is just hilarious.

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Growth Spirt

This week, I have seen an amazing growth spirt. Triton must have gained 10 pounds this week. Day to day is normally hard to notice. But, this week, it is apparent the little boy is getting massive. He looks just under 100lbs now. Somehow, I think he is going to continue on this trend for the forseeable future. It’s fun to watch him grow and develop into a good boy!!

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Hard Wired

Mastiff’s have a warm and loving personality. Triton, in particular, has a very high play drive. He loves chew toys and tennis balls in particular. One surprise was how he is wired to be protective. When he hears or smells something he is not happy about, that growl is deep and intimidating. Even though he is just a pup. It is hard to believe they are “hard wired” and demonstrate these traits at such a young age. This is definitely not learned behavior. It doesn’t happen that often, but, when it does it gets your attention.

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Aren’t Mastiff Pups the Best

He Graduated

He Graduated

This is my mastiff Triton. he recently graduated from his puppy training. He is six months old and it is amazing the personality these dogs have. I intend to use this blog to talk about my experience owning and raising a mastiff. I hope others are willing to share their experiences as well. They are remarkable animals and enhance our lives.

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